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You must select the plan designated for your destination. If you have a multiple destination itinerary, you should select the plan for the destination where you spend the majority of your Journey Overseas, however, it is recommended that you take the highest available cover.

Destination Plans
Australia and offshore territories (including Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island, Cocos (Keeling) Island, Christmas Island, Thursday Island)
Plan C Domestic, Plan E Non-Residents, Plan F Domestic Advance Purchase, Basic Domestic, Basic Non-Residents
New Zealand, Indonesia & Fiji (excluding cruising to these destinations)
Plan A New Zealand/Indonesia/Fiji, Basic New Zealand/Indonesia/Fiji
South-west Pacific & Indonesia (including Pacific cruising)
Plan A Economy, Basic Economy
United Kingdom, Ireland & Asia (excluding Japan & Indonesia)
Plan A Standard, Basic Standard
Europe, Egypt, Japan & Middle East
Plan A Super, Basic Super
The Americas, Africa & Worldwide
Plan A Super Plus, Plan B Annual Multi-Journey, Plan D Medical & Liability, Basic Super Plus, Basic Annual Multi-Journey

Travel on Cruise Liners

Travellers on domestic cruises in Australian waters may also purchase Plan A Economy or Basic Economy to ensure cover is available for emergency medical assistance and emergency medical and Hospital expenses incurred onboard a foreign registered cruise vessel. If you do not purchase Plan A Economy or Basic Economy, you will not have cover for medical transfer or evacuation (for example, by helicopter) if you need to be transported to the nearest Hospital for emergency medical treatment.

By obtaining a quote you agree to receive the Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide (FSG) made available via the above links.

Do you have a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

Travel insurance only provides cover for emergency overseas medical events that are unforeseen. Medical conditions that were pre-existing at or before the time of the policy being issued are not covered, unless they are a condition that we expressly agree to cover.

We are currently unable to offer pre-existing medical screening online.

If you think you have a Pre-existing Medical Condition and would like cover for that condition, or you have any questions about Pre-existing Medical Conditions, please contact your travel agent.

Please note: certain pre-existing medical conditions may be covered with no additional premium payable. Please see the Financial Services Guide (FSG) and the Product Disclosure Statement for more information.

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